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Freelancing work

Apart from consulting, our designers are involved in cross-disciplinary freelancing work as well. Contact us to know more.


UI & UX design

Modernization of the customer workflow for AI-based contract review and assessment by the firm called 'Legalbook'

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Sukh Sagar


Label design for a pain relief spray bottle for a local Ayurvedic medicine business called 'Sukh Sagar'

Black Spray Bottle Mockup.png
image (13).png

Archana Farms


Logo, visiting card, and packaging design for a milk and vegetable delivery startup named 'Archana Farms'



Mobile app design

An app designed to boost productivity was created to support individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic in India

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wedding invite.png

Invitation design

Visual design

Marriage invitation and save-the-date digital card designs

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