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Archana Farms


Archana Farms - Milk & Vegetable delivery startup

Archana Farms is an organic milk and vegetable delivery startup located in Madhya Pradesh.

They required strong branding to make their brand a good fit in the growing organic product industry in India. Electric Dreams team created a logo, Broture and Packaging design for the milk pouches and home delivery bags for this startup.

Archana farms logo.png


Logo design

We designed a logo for Archana Farms' existing milk business and upcoming vegetable delivery venture. The logo draws inspiration from nature and organic farming practices, highlighting the nourishment provided to their cows, resulting in high-quality milk production.

Brochure Design

In addition to designing the logo, we also created brochures for Archna Farms, making the organic milk and vegetable production process transparent to consumers.

Packaging design

image (13).png

Because Archana Farms' in-house products are organic, it makes more sense to develop eco-friendly packaging for the vegetable delivery section. This promotes a 360-degree environmentally friendly approach to their consumers.

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