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There are more than 20 fields in the design education system. More than 30 design schools in India including autonomous, government & one of the finest art schools in Asia. Almost  1700 open positions per day for the creative roles in multinational & national firms. These professions can earn equal to the engineering post-graduates.
But lack of guidance, strong beliefs in conventional career choices & a bit of procrastination might keep you missing from these opportunities. Electric dreams can help you convert creativity into a successful profession.

What do people say about us?

“Thank you for guiding me for the NID entrance process. I was less nervous during the studio test because you already gave heads up.
😬😅 ”

Harshal Gurav

B.Des, NID, Ahmedabad

“Hey there, I got accepted to NID and IISc.Feels glad to let you know about this.You were of great help giving me insights on how to prepare for exams and the portfolio. It paid off ✌🏻😬😁”

Ankita Khanvilkar

M.Des, IISc Banglore

“I was not able to followup with my son when he told me that he will be joining NID. We could not understand the need of studying more after a five year architect degree! But now I realise the worth after our brief conversation”

Vaishali Dongre

Parent of M.Des, 

NID Banglore student


How it works?

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The Basic Course

Choose the Basic Course. It talks more about various design career paths & fields in India.


Based on knowledge gained from the Basic Course, analyse the best field and creative path for yourself

The Advanced Course

Take the Advanced Course and find the best way to follow your niche based on available time and finances with you.


What will you learn from the courses?

We start from the scratch assuming each one of the participants is new to the design education field. Design is an extensive field, but being creative is not enough. You need to know the specific field out of 20 design disciplines that can help you prosper. We help you understand each design field in-depth and find your niche. We help you choose the most efficient path for your creative journey based on the duration that you can invest and the budget.

Find your 

creative niche

A failproof 

career path

Strategies to master creativity

Who should take this course?

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Professionals who want their 'Passion' to fuel them everyday, instead of just trading time at work.

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Student who are worried about carrier choices that can justify  their creative mindset.

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If your child enjoy arts and craft workshop more than a science or maths hackathon then you are at the right place.

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Amature designer

Amature designers who want to know better earning options from the unconventional job choices like design.

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  2. Basic course

  3. Advanced course

Bonus resources

  1. List of design schools in India for both graduation and post graduation programs

  2. List of institutes that will help you up-skill and provide design certifications

  3. A complete digital portfolio guide

  • Best Value

    Advanced course

    Introduction to the best design education choices in India
    Valid for 6 months
    • Guidance to find creative niche & choose the right direction
    • Exploration of the best Indian design institutes
    • Time and Money based analysis of various creative paths

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